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Place baitboxes inside the perimeter at 10ft spacing, check every week and replenish as necessary, keep baiting until no more bait is taken then check every month.
Don’t touch the boxes unless you need to replenish
Check by using a camera phone looking inside the entrance.
Nail three plastic rat traps to a floorboard and place against the wall bait with chocolate covered raisins cover the traps with an upturned bread crate, cabbage crate or storage box to ensure other animals cannot access the traps
The Trap Man
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Family 14″ rat traps back in stock.

We’ve waited far too long and now they’re back just in time for this year which is promising to be the worst year on record for rat infestations, partly due to the new rodenticide regulations which came into force on 1st March and a warm 2017 winter causing an explosion of rats in all areas of the UK

Baiting a rat bait station

The blocks are manufactured by Lodi and are effective if administered as directed and using some skill & perseverance
1/ Stop feeding the sunflower hearts as the rats won’t eat the poison if they have easier access to other food.
2/ Place two blocks on the bait holder inside the bait box, squeeze two drops of sunflower oil on to each block.
3/ Place two sunflower hearts in the bait tray under the blocks.
4/ Position the bait station near to the rat activity, secure it by putting a brick on top
5/ Do not touch OR move the bait box once positioned
6/ Check if the poison is being taken after two days by using your camera on your mobile phone
7/ Once the bait is being taken replace as necessary until no more bait is touched